The curious case of Liechtenstein: A country caught between a prince and democracy
The Principality of Liechtenstein will hold elections on 5 February. Ahead of the elections, Wouter Veenendaal assesses the country’s political system, under which the Prince of Liechtenstein still retains a large degree of power over decision-making. He states that the system raises complex questions over whether a country can be classified as a democracy if its citizens voluntarily choose to assign important powers to an unelected ruler.
Pass notes No 3,203: Liechtenstein
Voters in the principality voted overwhelmingly in favour of the hereditary monarch's right to ignore the results of their referendums. Why? (2nd July 2012)
Liechtenstein prince threatens to veto referendum
People in the tiny principality of Liechtenstein vote next week on whether to legalize abortion – but they know their voice may count for nothing. (8. September 2011)

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